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Lets keep in mind that revenues are also indexed to inflation and will benefit from that increase over time. CEO Affiliation Engie Country France 2020 Rank 13 In her first year as CEO of the giant French power company, MacGregor, an oil and gas industry veteran, focused on simplifying the $63.5. Its about 1% of French consumption that was injected, so and thats 2021 or 2020, rather. In Renewables, we expect growth from asset commissioning in the United States from higher achieved prices for French hydro and from the potential positive effect of the CNR concession extension. If we look at the long term, weve got an average of 20% of minority as part of group net income with large minority stakes in Latam, for instance. Please. In her efforts to "simplify" Engie, MacGregor is moving from 25 business units to 4 globally, and . Compared to 2020 guidance, Im pleased that both EBITDA and COI stood above the ranges we indicated last summer. Often, its actually a very small proportion of coal that is being used, but it is indeed the case that it is part of our feedstock. Catherine was President of Technip Energies at TechnipFMC, and President of Drilling at Schlumberger. COI was adversely impacted by roughly 300 million due to foreign exchange and by an aggregate negative scope effect of 75 million. - Play an important role in ensuring security of supply for France and Europe We will now take the next question from Meike Becker with Bernstein. We support credit card, debit card and PayPal payments. So in general, we have 31-gigawatt portfolio. I look forward to continuing to work closely with our brothers in Azerbaijan, and our partners across Europe and around the world, to deliver on our shared clean energy ambitions. Catherine MacGregor joined the ENGIE group on January 1, 2021 as Chief Executive Officer. And sorry, just a follow-up on the CapEx. One second, it will be over soon. The oldest executive at ENGIE SA is Francoise Malrieu, 73, who is the Independent Director. And this is something, obviously, that we are going to continue and push. I was wondering whether you could just remind us where youre still using coal in district heating and what the options are there, whether youre planning on investing and converting those units to cleaner fuels? I know weve heard from the Chairman very helpfully on this last year, but I think wed love to hear your thoughts on this. First, we recorded significant impairments mainly driven by the 2.9 billion nuclear impairment caused by the change in lifetime assumption for Belgian nuclear reactors as well as by changes in the commodity price scenario. And sometimes, its okay to lose auctions if we dont get the right returns. Or is it your budget of the COI for these businesses in 2021? Its, quite frankly, one of the big wins, I think, of last year when you think about it because both operationally to take this company to a level and multiply by almost 10 times their revenue over the last two years. With respect to the recent extreme weather events in Texas, we are assessing the situation. So indeed, were going from 4 billion of growth CapEx to 5.5 billion, 6 billion in 2021. And to this end, Im very pleased to announce our next event on the 18th of May, where Judith and I will cover both our Q1 results and provide you with a medium-term strategic plan and guidance. And Judith? Again, especially when it comes to replace when it replace coal. [Operator Instructions] We will take our first question from James Brand with Deutsche Bank. ENGIE announces that Catherine MacGregor took up her post as Chief Executive Officer of the Group on 1 January 2021. This was partially offset by capital gains, the main one being 1.7 billion due to the sale of the 29.9% shareholding in SUEZ. Engie will also capture opportunities resulting from recovery plans announced in Europe, notably related to the development of green gases (biogas and hydrogen). We have progressed on simplifying the group. Were, in fact, very positive and excited about the opportunity of these businesses, very, very different from other more traditional mtier that we have in ENGIE, and the idea is really to form a very coherent entity, which Jrme Stubler is very busy doing right now. We think its important to have a system play on renewables. personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to So I thought, on this occasion, it would be great if you could take a few minutes just to share with us sort of your perspective on why the last few years have been so difficult for ENGIE, why the 2016 asset rotation plan didnt really deliver in the end and why the current asset rotation plan may be more successful. Revenue declined on a gross basis by approximately 900 million for the full year. You have, of course, in mind, that we have committed to fund our waste provision until 2025. It is important to say that our renewables growth ambition is not about entering a gigawatt race. Long-time Schlumberger executive to join next year as French utility giant gears up in renewables. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all ENGIE employees who have worked so hard to deliver critical services for our customers in unprecedented conditions. And that will be something that we will be describing a bit more in details in May. We are a media company, specifically facilitating the maritime and offshore industry. Organically, these evolutions were slightly better. It mainly affects our renewables and supply activities. Thats what Id like to understand because we need to consider whats the dilution of as well the midterm period, not only 2021. The first one is on strategy. For more information and how to manage your privacy settings, please refer to our privacy and cookie policies. We have in the U.S. the largest development pipeline. Let me now focus on the evolution of net debt and on our leverage ratios. *Criao da poltica nacional de incluso das pessoas 50+ no mercado de trabalho* This will mean a transition based on a combination of electrification and decarbonization of gas as well as on the development of flexible and resilient energy systems. And as in the past, we will be very mindful of timing. But the idea is that for the big production projects, we will give the Thermal people and the Thermal team, the responsibility to run those hydrogen production plans and projects because some of the skills are actually quite similar. Now that doesnt mean that we should not have discipline. My first reaction with the bonus: Wow great ! This was also driven by higher operational contribution of Brazilian assets and by improved performance from Middle East gas contracted activities. But now that we have officially become Equans for a few weeks, this message that all ENGIE employees worldwide will receive a bonus of 1500,- comes as a disappointment. Is it something that could be you realize value of and take advantage of low rates? commentary and analysis you can trust. We use cookies in a variety of ways to improve your experience, such as keeping NHST websites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads and to analyse how our sites are being used. So again, when you think about the business and the need to have a resilient power system, gas has actually a very critical role to play. If we basically look at simplification, we could cut it in two parts, what I would call transactional simplification, disposals buyout of minorities on maybe organizational simplification. All these strategic advances, which place our Group as a leader in the low-carbon transition, are the result of the exceptional commitment of all our teams! Aarti Singhal - Director of Investor Relations. I think the team has done, so far, a really nice job. At the end of 2020, the financial net debt-to-EBITDA ratio was 2.4 times, a slight decrease compared to December 2019. So firstly, theres step-up in CapEx in 2021 versus your sort of prior 10 billion 3-year plan. Let me now hand you over to Judith to cover our financial overview, and I will come back on strategic priorities. That will put pressure on Ms MacGregor to make her mark . The enshittification of apps is real. ENGIE SA (OTCPK:ENGIY) Full Year 2020 Earnings Conference Call February 26, 2021 4:00 AM ET, Aarti Singhal Director of Investor Relations, Catherine MacGregor Chief Executive Officer, Judith Hartmann Chief Financial Officer. So first to reiterate on that, we are very pleased with our position on renewables, and we are leader in France. We have not seen prices like this in many years. And in terms of the supply, were really expecting supply to recover mainly from less COVID impacts, also looking at the temperature, which will improve. Bereits 2025 wolle Engie wieder einen Gewinn von bis zu 4,7 Mrd. The contribution of French renewables was also lower due to the reduction in DBSO margins in 2020. Yes, two topics that you were talking about, Peter. I would like to pay tribute to their mobilization, which has enabled us to: I have two questions, and I continue with the trend, 1 for Catherine and 1 on the details for Judith, please. Its, for sure, a large part of the investment case. currently to 4 GW p.a. And thats really the key part of what we do. Judith, you have 1 so about 0.1 billion of dilution at the COI level put in your guidance for 2021. Strategy: we have made progress in the execution of our plan to build a stronger and more unified Group, on the offensive to accelerate the energy transition. And then, of course, in terms of Thermal, we will be very opportunistic. And second, its really focused and making sure that everybody pulls in the same direction. Hopefully you can also take this into account? You may also opt to downgrade to Standard Digital, a robust journalistic offering that fulfils many users needs. Sign up for more in-depth articles and insights. We assume up to 100 million dilution effect at the COI level from approximately 2 billion disposals in addition to previously signed transactions. It was in this ramp-up that we were doing on renewability was the first time that we had significant sell downs. These headwinds were partially offset by various one-offs, including an internal negative 2019 one-off mirrored in Networks. Katherine MacGregor (born Dorlee Deane McGregor; January 12, 1925 - November 13, 2018) was an American actress, best known for her role as Harriet Oleson in Little House on the Prairie. We have also started to adopt the existing gas transport networks by commissioning three reverse flow installations in 2020, which allow biomethane to flow from the distribution grid to the gas storage units. CEO - Engie. These positive effects were partly offset by lower volumes mainly due to a decrease in availability of our Belgian assets caused by the last planned LTO maintenance works on Doel 1, Doel 2 and Tihange 1. This growth will be partly offset by a lower benefit from the GFOM ruling in Brazil and by the assumed FX deterioration. Great post Catherine Fiamma MacGregor! Warm temperatures in the first half also weighed on energy consumption, mainly in France, for B2C gas volumes. Elle est ingnieur, diplme de l' cole centrale Paris, dont elle sort en 1995. Then potentially collaborate/partner with us for less than EUR 10 m in costs, together solving the crucially important 40% of the hours of the month. Before I say more on this, let me review the groups overall 2020 performance. As a leader in gas networks, we are playing a critical role in enabling an affordable and smooth energy transition, and we are promoting a progressive increase in the role of renewable gases. Long-term growth drivers for asset-light activities are also strong, underpinned by major international actions plans, such as the European green deal towards making the EUs economy sustainable. So in short obviously, its a topic we could talk for hours. And we will now take our next question from Vincent Ayral with JPMorgan. A cycle, of course, could be 3, 4, 5 years depending on the country. To Engie in my case. Thats one thing. A key part of that strategy is its Ocean Winds joint venture with EDPR, which has set out its stall as a global leader in offshore wind. An example of the latter is the continued rollout of smart meters, where we installed an additional two million smart meters in France last year. Head of Core Laboratories US - Alpharetta Site Manager, Thanks to Solvay Alpharetta employees Michael O'Keeffe and Edna Carbajal for reaching out to students in Dawson county GA for their junior high school career fair and mock interview days. Renewable #Gas: We continue to make progress, with 459 #biomethane production units connected to our networks in France, and with 5 of our #hydrogen projects in Europe selected to benefit from public aid from the European Commission. Thank you, Catherine, and good morning, everybody. She occupied a number of roles in various geographies (Republic of Congo, the US, Malaysia, ): from Director of Business Entities (Wireline, Reservoir Characterization, Drilling, ) to Regional Division (Europe and Africa). So naturally, were landing more just below a 100 million figure for 2021. This is value neutral over time as D&A is integrated in the regulated revenue. But where should we be hoping that Supply COI gets back to either this year or perhaps over the medium term? The issue of having mtiers and activities that are so different from each other and I think weve talked a little bit about the multi-technical services, as an example, that require a management focus, a capital allocation policy, a system and attention to every cent that you have to spend, which is not necessarily something that is ENGIE DNA. And side comment also on this is that our employees are obviously very excited about renewable as being a growth center of a growth engine for us in ENGIE, so as well as obviously being a key goal of our ESG road map. I have a couple of questions, 1 for Catherine and 1 for Judith. Catherine MacGregor is an engineer and graduate of cole Centrale de Paris (CentraleSuplec). And then, of course, you also remember that, in 2020, we have decided to more consolidation where it makes strategic and financial sense, as it was mentioned earlier. Okay. Notre lectricit est dj propre Ms MacGregor is 48, she's been the Chief Exec. She was in charge of the entitys IPO. Lastly, COI for other activities decreased as 2019 benefited from a positive one-off related to partial sale of a gas supply contract, in 2020 was impacted by COVID mainly due to credit losses for GEM. Solvay Alpharetta celebrates Black History Month. I just had indeed, I will stick to two questions as well, maybe a strategic 1 as well and a more detailed 1. cookies #economics #business #culture, Chief Executive Officer at Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company). We delivered for our customers while continuing to invest in major capital projects. The first one is, following the impairment on Belgium Nuclear, could you indicate whether there will be any impact on depreciation and amortization going forward? Access to customer sites was much reduced during the strict lockdowns of the second quarter 2020, and we were not able to perform various services. Her vision on ENGIEs transformation and development, her industrial and international track record as well as her leadership and managerial skills will fully contribute to the achievement of the strategic orientations announced at the end of July, the companys statement reads. Im just wondering, youve identified sort of the identity of Renewables, Networks and across Client Solutions. With our strong local presence in key geographies and leading capabilities across the power generation value chain, including in energy management, which is a key for commercializing renewable energy, we are confident in our ability to drive long-term value creation from this renewables growth. Good luck with the new role, Catherine. Now the markets are looking at the remaining energy services. On the 100 million, quite frankly, there isnt any unusuals that you should assume. We have a high performing gas fleet, as you know, which is very important in our mind to bring the flexibility to the system. Engie plans to accelerate its development in renewables, by increasing the target for renewables capacity commissioned from 3 GW p.a. MacGregor began her career at Schlumberger in 1995, where she spent 23 years in important positions on all continents. It will also require some infrastructure, maybe not with the same density at todays gas network. Renewables showed continued progress and overall operational resilience to COVID with organic growth of 11% in 2020. And so we are working really hard on these networks to find alternatives to use preferably renewables, things like biomass for example. But we really want to focus on a return-based growth strategy. The 0.1 billion, is this a 2020 contribution of the businesses youre going to sell? Welcome again to Catherine. Yes. I look forward to working with her in the months and years to come to deliver the Groups strategic orientations. Catherine MacGregor est elle-mme mre de deux filles 2 . Judith, you want to start with the EVBox question? So Paulo, Ccile, Edouard and Sbastien will be obviously leading this organization effort, which I very, very much look forward to, indeed, seeing simplified over the coming months. Our focus is on disciplined investment through organic growth and through targeted acquisitions that offer good returns. Firstly, Id like to share everyones sentiments in wishing Catherine well in her role. Maybe some thoughts. These projects further cement Masdars position as a leading clean energy powerhouse, helping Azerbaijan to unlock its tremendous clean energy potential. Now turning to Networks. It honors and commits me. We also suffer from the same crisis and have also contributed to this, especially in the Corona years. And thank you, Catherine, too, for your answer, which I think we all appreciate, and we wish you with that, just final comment from my side, then Ill turn it over. It is a great source, among others, of motivation and satisfaction to continue the (so essential) low-caborn transition in an extremely challenging environment , | Financial Reporting |Taxation| Month, Year-end Closings |Corporate Accounting| Financial Statement Analysis| SAP Hana FICO |IFRS. Published on 2 October 2020 at 12:48pm EST on Uk.Reuters. You may now disconnect. click here. Non Madame And as you might have noticed that lately, we have not really entered the race of enhancement of gigawatt. Carbon neutrality is at the heart of ENGIEs purpose and central to our strategic direction. Is this happening to you frequently? Significant growth is also expected in the use of renewable gases to accelerate the energy transition. Thats a good clarification. In Supply, the outlook is improving, as these activities should strongly recover from COVID and on the assumption of temperature normalization. If you have an ad-blocker enabled you may be blocked from proceeding. We are a smaller company than Engie normally would partner with. French utility's new chief Catherine MacGregor to increase investment in renewables. For example, we significantly enhanced our renewables footprint in the U.S. Her vision on ENGIEs transformation and development, her industrial and international track record as well as her leadership and managerial skills will fully contribute to the achievement of the strategic orientations announced at the end of July. COI decreased mainly driven by a 600 million impact from the pandemic. Its coal exits. European utility giant Engie named oil & gas industry veteran Catherine MacGregor as its new CEO with a remit to lead the French groups ambitious renewables and energy transition plans. We have 101 gigawatt of gross power generation capacity, of which around 30% from renewables. If so, do you have a view to what level? As always, my team and I are here to assist you, so do please reach out. Catherine MacGregor joined the ENGIE group on 1 January 2021 as Chief Executive Officer. And so were excited about this transaction. Elle travaille pendant 23 ans chez Schlumberger. Depending on opportunities, it could be this asset or another one. So on EVBox, were very happy to have announced this transaction. And I think, namely complexity is one thing. This has been a concern for the market. is its Ocean Winds joint venture with EDPR. This was really driven by mix of the results, changes in some tax laws, including in the UK, and we are expecting to go to a more normal level at the 25% kind of range in 2021. In the summer of 2019, she chose to pursue her career in the energy industry by joining the Executive Committee of the TechnipFMC Group to lead its onshore and offshore engineering and construction activities, Technip Energies. This was due to higher contributions from entities with minorities, which fully contributed at EBITDA and COI levels but only contributed at share at net recurring income group share level. We are investing in our strategic priorities for long-term value creation. Weve proven that over and over again in very, very recent past. Judith? En juillet 2019, elle est candidate au poste de prsidente de Schlumberger, mais le conseil d'administration prfre nommer Olivier Le Peuch. Its not like a 2020 event. Following which, as usual, well open the lines for Q&A. On your two questions, 1 was on the tax rate. We are investing significantly in these activities to ensure safety and reliability as well as improving energy efficiency. I think we are now about time, so I would like to thank you for your attention. Also adding to national energy insecurity and dependence on fossil producing countries at colossal scale. , Dear Catherine, Officer of ENGIE SA since . She has spent her entire career in the energy sector. Catherine Fiamma MacGregor is an Influencer,, Obviously, we have made the decision to exit the coal, which is run under Thermal. I want to take advantage also to clarify on a question that I was asked earlier on the nuclear impairments and the impact on D&A. Our greenhouse gas emissions from power production reduced 9% to 68 million tons as the share of coal has further decreased in 2019. We will continue funding nuclear provisions in Belgium and invest for maintenance with a total of approximately 4 billion. Remember that for regulated activities, volume effects are recoverable in the short to medium term through the clawback mechanism and are, therefore, value neutral. The final area of 2020 performance I would like to highlight is the groups continued progress in growing our renewable portfolio, which has grown significantly by 32% since the end of 2018. Overall, these positive factors are expected to more than offset year-on-year negative evolutions. And so to in that respect, I think your comment might be valid. It honours and commits me. 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One is, of course, to participate in the future growth that we are projecting for this company; and second, of course, the close link into this space, which is a very important space for us. Could you clarify how much COVID impact youve included in 2021 relative to the 1.2 billion hit in 2020? However, our results were ahead of our expectations on both metrics, and this was driven by the fact that the second half confinements were lighter in our main markets and that we adapted our processes, contributing to improved activity levels. And I was interested to get your philosophy about minorities. A quick word on the agenda for this morning. Since 2007, she held multiple senior management including global positions as Group HR Director or head of strategic activities for the company. Good morning, everyone. Therefore, we do continue that we do think that gas will continue to play a very key role. This is what I am committed to. Its youre obviously guiding for a significant improvement in Supply COI this year versus last year. The Board of Directors decided to appoint Catherine MacGregor as ENGIE Chief Executive Officer. We do believe that its important to keep return in mind whenever we bid, and there is no must-win auction in ENGIE. Published on 2 October 2020 at 12:48pm EST on Uk.Reuters. personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to Have a nice day. I'm looking forward to continuing to make a difference together. Hosted by His Excellency Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, my dear friend His Excellency Parviz Shahbazov, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy, this is an important forum for advancing Europes #cleanenergy ambitions. Stepping back. One was the CapEx. This translates to a dividend of 0.53, which will be proposed for shareholder approval at our AGM on the 20th of May. Two questions from me. You may also opt to downgrade to Standard Digital, a robust journalistic offering that fulfils many users needs. Overall, the average cost of gross debt was 2.38%, down 32 basis points compared with December 2019. It's inspiring to see how ENGIE's strategy for a balanced, affordable, and resilient energy mix has proven its relevance in these uncertain times. janvier 2021 en qualit de Directrice Gnrale. brother to sister wedding reading, is rexall fish oil any good,

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