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Share the post "Sunday Gunday: New .17 WSM Savage A17 Rifles for Varminting", Tags: .17 WSM, 17 Caliber Ballistics, 17 HMR, 17 Winchester Super Magnum, A17 Target Thumbhole, Savage A17, Sunday Gunday. Winchester .17 WSM ammo is a great choice for taking care of varmints and pests. In addition, due to different content standards, we want to make sure our valued customers know these reviews had lesser requirements than reviews written today do. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. All rights reserved. Three-position safety is easily accessible and allows the shooter to lock the bolt to load and unload the rifle with the safety engaged. The same is true for trying to fire 17 WSM through a 17 HMR, or a 17HM2 through a 17 HMR, or any other combination you might come up with. Out of Stock. You now know how efficient the 17 WSM Ammo is. Using a 20-grain bullet, muzzle velocity is over 3,000 fps (feet per second) and muzzle energy is 400 ft-lb (foot-pounds). })(); To comment on a post, click Post Title or "Comment" Link. Filter Sale Winchester Varmint HE .17WSM 25Gr V-Max 50 Rounds . be the difference between a hit and a miss. Thats 26% more speed, which translates to a much flatter trajectory a big deal when youre shooting small varmints out to 300 yards. Store. A caliber is an excellent option for hunting, target shooting, and self-defence. Available as a full rifle or an assembled upper compatible with Mil-Spec AR lowers. Mounts flush with the stock to eliminate protrusions at the rifle's balance point. When it comes to choosing the most accurate 17 WSM rifle, there are a few things you need to consider. Currently choose from two models with laminated wood stocks: the A17 WSM Sporter and A17 WSM Target Thumbhole. (function() { The 17 WSM round is available from a number of companies including Winchester, Federal, and Hornady. Phone: (518) 595-9652 These blanks offered a thicker case wall, and thus were able to hold more pressure. Base Price: $360.84: Tax: - In Stock: Back in stock . Buy. forms: { Outfitted with a detailed, laminate wood stock, the Savage Arms B.Mag Sporter .17 WSM Bolt-Action Rifle performs with an 8+1-round capacity. Finally, dont forget to clean your rifle after each outing. Both are designed for target shooting and varmint hunting applications and have rigid laminate stocks. All rights reserved. A few years back Winchester created a high-velocity 17-caliber rimfire cartridge, the .17 Winchester Super Magnum (aka .17 WSM). The .17 WSM is an extremely light and extremely fast varmint hunting caliber popular with small game hunters. Winchester Arms 1885 Low Wall Hunter Single Shot .17 WSM Lever Action Rifle $ OUT OF STOCK. Savage B.Mag 17 WSM Bolt Action Rimfire Rifle with Stainless Heavy Barrel Style: 96915 Department: Firearms > Bolt Action Rifles Savage B.Mag 17 WSM 8 Round Factory Magazine $30.00 $17.36 In Stock Style: 90020 Department: Firearm Accessories > Magazines Savage B.Mag Target 17 WSM Bolt Action Rifle with Heavy Barrel Style: 96972 _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); The high-velocity lightweight cartridge provides shooters with an extremely fast and flat shooting round that expands reliably and downs targets efficiently. Legacy Reviews were written prior to the latest upgrade of our Review System. } $13.70. ALL Bulletin content is copyrighted, 2023 $585.00 585. There are many affordable rifles on the market that are capable of delivering good results. If you want to buy any, send a message before you click on Buy It, so I can let you know how to order without confusing the computer. Features listed above are available on all standard models, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models. View list of retailers. These tack-driving, bolt-action rifles feature Savage's legendary user-adjustable AccuTrigger technology and come in stock and barrel options for any rimfire pursuit. It was designed with the hunter in mind and is still one of the most popular rounds on the market. For 300+yard shots I like the 17 hornet for 3515 ft/sec with a 20 Grain bullet. PerformanceComparison: Trajectory var _gaq = _gaq || []; If we were in the market for a new rifle for serious, high-volume ground squirrel and prairie dog varmint safaris, we would seriously consider this new A17 in .17 WSM. To sum it up, here are the key points to remember when choosing ammo for your 17 WSM rifle: The Most Reliable 1911: What to Look for in a Gun. Once youve decided what your primary use for the rifle will be and what your budget is, its time to start looking at specific models. Winchester VARMINT HV .17 Winchester Super Magnum 20 grain Polymer Tip Rimfire Ammunition, 50, Browning BPR .17 Winchester Super Magnum 25 Grain Polymer Tip Brass Cased Rimfire Ammunition, 50, Winchester VARMINT HE .17 Winchester Super Magnum 25 grain Polymer Tip Rimfire Ammunition, 50, Winchester .17 Winchester Super Magnum 25 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Rimfire Ammunition, 50, JHP, Winchester VARMINT X LF .17 Winchester Super Magnum 15 grain Rapid Expansion Polymer Tip Rimfire Ammunition, 50, REPT. callback: cb GET YOURS NOW OR NEVER, I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Based off of a 27 caliber power fastener blank, this cartridge produces centerfire velocities and energy in a more cost-efficient rimfire package. $619.00 MSRP. (6) Although you may happen across a handgun chambered in .17 Winchester Super Mag, short barrels don't really do the Ammo justice in terms of performance. This rifle has been gaining in popularity in recent years because it is such a versatile round. That makes for Close. The answer is simple it is one of the most accurate and powerful rimfire cartridges available. Features a rugged, stainless steel bolt with 90 bolt throw and rapid lock time for added accuracy. The ballistic performance of the 17 WSM is impressive. Caliber: 17 WSM Rate of Twist: 1:8 Magazine Capacity: 8 Approximate Weight: 6 lbs. Gray wood-laminate thumbhole stock granting an MPBR of 165 yards, whereas running calculations for gopher-sized User-adjustable AccuTrigger })(); AMMUNITIONSUPLUS.COM 2023. SCHEELS . $58.00. some difference in the field, with the HMR Both the Target Thumbhole and Sporter run from Savages 8-rnd rotary magazine. event : evt, With a rimfire cartridge you dont have to bother with handloading. According to Winchester, the 17 WSM has a muzzle velocity of 3000 fps and a muzzle energy of 1450 ft-lbs. Description: I have 10 boxes of Win. The JARD J72 (.17 WSM) Complete Rifle and Upper includes one magazine. The 20-grain varieties boast a 3000 FPS muzzle velocity . Savage B.MAG XP Package .17 WSM Bolt Action Rifle. This rifle has also been praised by many professional shooters. You can learn more about ammo in our Ammunition Guides from our own in-house experts and enthusiasts. It also has a high level of accuracy, which makes it ideal for hunting or target shooting. Both models are also equipped with. Products marked OUT OF STOCK are currently unavailable for purchase. Quick numbers: (MPBR is for gophers: Outfitted with a detailed, laminate wood stock, the Savage Arms B.Mag Sporter .17 WSM Bolt-Action Rifle performs with an 8+1-round capacity. Factory 17 WSM ammo comes in a variety of options. 2023 Copyright All Rights Reserved. In a test conducted by Shooting Times magazine, five different rifles chambered in 17 WSM averaged 0.75 inch for five consecutive, three-shot groups at 100 yards. More from Savage @ TFB: Savage Arms Bolt-Action Pistol - The 110 PCS When testing out different types of ammo, its important to shoot from a variety of distances. Find your best quality 17 Wsm ammo in our stock with Varieties of brands from Winchester likeincluding Varmint HV 17Winchester Super Magnum with a 20-grain Integral scope mounts, machined directly on the solid-steel receiver, provide a stable mounting surface for included scope rings . Delayed-blowback action Winchester makes the 15gr Varmint X, 20gr Varmint HV, and 25gr Varmint HE. Federal American Eagle 17 Winchester Super Mag Poly Tip Varmint, 20 Grain, 3000 fps, 50 Round Box, AE17WSM1. Sunday: Closed. In fact, it was named the 2018 Rifle of the Year by Petersens Hunting Magazine. 17 HMR 17 grain: 2550 FPS: I28BC: This far outperforms any .22 rimfires and the .17-caliber rimfires that predated the .17 WSM: the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) and .17HM2 (Hornady Mach 2). Gun Powder. { Winchester manufactures three polymer tipped bullets: the lightest is a15-grain non-leaded bullet with a 20-grain midweight and a "heavy" 25-grain bullet. Products marked OUT OF STOCK are currently unavailable for purchase. Bigger in body than other current rimfire cartridges, it doesn't fit in popular rimfire actions. We have that hard to find .17 WSM you are looking for in stock at cheap prices! The accuracy of the 17 WSM is also very good. The A17 WSM Target Thumbhole model also has a 22 fluted heavy target barrel. The new A17 WSM Sporter and A17 WSM Target Thumbhole pair the dynamic rimfire cartridge with Savages A Series semi-automatic action for exceptional accuracy and fast follow-up shots.. Filter Stock. The 17 WSM is based on the .22 Hornet case necked up to .17 caliber. Description. bullet at speeds in excess of 3,000 f.p.s. Email:, 9AM-7PM CT Mon-Fri ); The 17 WSM ammo can be used in firearms such as the AR-15 and Ruger 10/22. With excellent MaccTec sound moderator, it delivers the hunters the . However, you should avoid buying the cheapest rifle you can find, as it is likely to be less accurate than more expensive options. 3 Benefits of Owning 17 WSM Ammo . IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE REGARDING CZ 600 BOLT-ACTION RIFLES. Of rimfire design, it's ideal for prairie dogs, potgut gophers and most of the smaller furbearers out to a couple of hundred yards. Want to see what's on hand and ready to ship today? The 17 WSM was introduced in 2002. We have that hard to find .17 WSM you are looking for in stock at cheap prices! It features a side charging handle for easy use with optics and a 20" or 16" barrel with 1:9 twist. The 17 WSM is based on the .22 Hornet case necked up to .17 caliber. Number of Reviews WOLF - POLYFORMANCE AMMO 7.62X39MM 123GR FMJ Reviews | 0 Questions & Answers Model: 96976 Condition: Factory New Bud's Item Number: 719009187 . Firearms purchased online are shipped to your local Academy Sports + Outdoors as selected in the checkout process. Simple and light, the CZ Rimfire suppressor adds just 2.5 oz. to a rifle and is sized to blend right into our Varmint barrels at .866" in diameter. They are two different calibers designed for two different chambers, and the cartridges are not interchangeable. In Stock . If youre looking for a rifle that can do both hunting and target shooting, then youll want to find one that is versatile enough to handle both tasks. This is due in part to its high velocity rounds, which allow you to hit your target with precision. And you should enjoy significantly better barrel life than a larger centerfire cartridge burning much more powder provided you dont shoot too fast and over-heat your barrel. There are many different rifles on the market, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Address: 88 Kingston Street SL-32 Boston, MA, 500 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by PMC - 123gr FMJ, 1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula - 122gr FMJ, 1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Wolf - 122gr FMJ, buy Fort Scott Munitions 243 WINCHESTER 58 Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, Remington Kleanbore Centerfire Primers for sale. The Ruger 77/17 is the first serious bolt-action rifle chambered for the world's fastest, flattest shooting rimfire cartridge, the 17 Winchester Super Magnum No bases need be screwed to a Ruger 77/17, and the rings come with the rifle. Savage B.MAG Beavertail 17 WSM Rifle. The 17 Winchester Super Magnum (17 WSM) is a rifle cartridge developed by Winchester Ammunition. Stores . Close Reset. Save $20 off first order of $200+ with code: Welcome20 Search Showing Nothing found Now Seeking .17 WSM Ammo Cost Range None . This model is built with a 22-inch carbon-steel barrel, complete with a target crown muzzle. Stock Type: Thumbhole Stock Finish: Grey matte Barrel Finish: Natural matte Receiver Finish: Natural matte Receiver Material: Stainless steel Stock Material: Wood-laminated It has been tested and approved by the US Department of Defense. Winchester Varmint HV .17WSM 20gr 50 Rounds. Learn more about our Return Policy. } Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. 17 WSM Ammo | 17 Winchester Super Magnum For Sale - OpticsPlanet 8966 Seasonal Promotions Coupons Bonus Bucks Free Express Shipping Mail-in Rebates Clearance Free Gift w/ Purchase Instant Savings On Sale All Deals Demo/Open Box Best Rated New Products Gift Guides Gift Cards Popular Categories Binoculars Binocular Accessories Monoculars Night Vision The guys over at Northwest Firearms tested five different rifles in this caliber and found that the Savage was the most accurate one. The bullet weight of this ammo is 170 grains with a length of 0.300 inches and a diameter of 0.308 inches. Out of stock Ammo Supply Warehouse. More impressive is the wind Both rifles feature a delayed-blowback, semi-automatic action specifically designed for the 17 HMR and 17 WSM cartridges. Magnum 44 Firearms New 93 MINIMALIST GREEN 1 . Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. With a tactically-inspired stock and a short 16.5 barrel threaded 1/228, the ProVarmint makes for one accurate . The 17 WSM was also used during World War II by the United States Armed Forces as a .30-06 Springfield replacement in sniper rifles to take out targets at up to 1 mile. Threaded, cold hammer-forged barrel with factory-installed thread protector, results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity. BROWNING BPR 17 Wsm Ammo For Sale 25 GRAIN POLYTIP 500 Rounds $ 300 00 $ 235 00 Sale! It is also suitable for short-range shooting. Savage 96901 B.Mag 17 WSM Bolt 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 22" 8+1 Black, Savage Arms BMAG 17WSM Rifle, 22" Heavy Stainless Steel LAM Thole 8rd Rotary - 96972, Franklin Armory 1248 F17-X 16" 20+1 Gray Gray Adjustable Magpul SL Stock Gray Magpul K2 Grip Right Hand, Savage Arms 47801 A17 WSM Sporter 17WSM 22 8rd, Savage Arms 47800 A17 WSM Thumbhole 17WSM 22 8rd, Ruger 7222 77/17 17 WSM Caliber with 6+1 Capacity, 20" Threaded Barrel, Blued Metal Finish & American Walnut Stock (Full Size), Ruger 7219 77/17 6+1 18.50" Stainless Steel Fixed Stock Right Hand, Franklin Armory 1195 F17-L Standard Semi-Auto 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 20" 10+1 Magpul MOE Rifle Stock OD Green/Black, Winchester Guns 524100186 1885 Hunter Falling Block 17 WSM 24" 1 Walnut Oil Finish Stock Blued High Polish, Franklin Armory 1238 F17 SPR Semi-Auto 17 WSM 18" 10+1 Hard Coat Anodized, Franklin Armory 1222 F17 M4 Semi-Auto 17 WSM 16" 10+1 6-Position Hard Coat Anodized, Savage 96970 B.Mag Heavy Barrel Bolt 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 22" 8+1 Laminate Gray Stock Black, Savage 96971 B.Mag Sporter Bolt 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 22" 8+1 Laminate Gray Stock Black, Savage 96975 B.Mag Heavy Barrel Bolt 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 22" 8+1 Black, Savage Arms BMag- Stainless Heavy Barrel 17WSM Rifle - 96915, Franklin Armory 0010062BLK F17 X Gas Piston, 10+1 16" Light Barrel, Black, B5 Systems Bravo Stock & Type 23 Grip, Franklin Armory 0010063ODG F17 L Gas Piston, 10+1 20" Barrel, OD Green Rec, Black Furniture, Bravo C Stock, Ergo Ambi SureGrip, Franklin Armory 0010058BLK F17 X Gas Piston, 20+1 16" Light Barrel, Black, B5 Systems Bravo Stock & Type 23 Grip, Franklin Armory 0010056ODG F17 L Gas Piston, 20+1 20" Barrel, OD Green Rec, Black Furniture, Bravo C Stock, Ergo Ambi SureGrip. If you are looking for an extremely accurate 17 WSM rifle, then look no further than the Savage Arms model. Remove from Compare Add to Compare. Buy in stock from us in order to obtain a %10 discount on payment via zelle or cashap. SAVAGE ARMS B.MAG 17 WSM 8 ROUND BOLT ACTION RIMFIRE RIFLE, SPORTER - 96901 True Price: $ 360.84. Sign up and get exclusive access to promotions, sales events, pre-order sales & more! Hornady 17 WSM 20gr V-Max. All rights reserved. Invented by Winchester and Savage, .17 Winchester Super Magnum is the caliber found in bolt action rifles like . Click here for answers to Ammo Buying Frequently Asked Questions, and for more information check out our State of the Ammunition Industry page.Check out some of our other top ammo for sale - 9 mm ammo, 300 Blackout ammo, 6.5 Grendel ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, 5.56 ammo & 10mm ammo. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar, 2022 We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Between the two, the Target Thumbhole model ($709 MSRP) would be our choice for varmint work, as the stock has nice ergonomics and shoots better off the bags, with a thicker, wider forearm. See individual spec sheets for model specific features. Whether you're shopping for hunting, competitive shooting, self-defense or plinking at the cabin Sportsman's Guide offers guns with top precision you . Product Information Winchester Varmint X Email : 1 Item (s) Show per page. Commentary This Could be a Great Varmint Option, IF the Ammo Becomes Available Order at your own risk! Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Luger 115 Grain Flex Tip eXpanding 500 rounds, HORNADY OUTFITTER AMMUNITION 257 WEATHERBY MAGNUM 90 GRAIN CX POLYMER TIP LEAD FREE 500 ROUNDS, Winchester 17 super magnum HORNADY AMMUNITION 20 GRAIN V- MAX 500 rounds, WINCHESTER VARMINT X AMMUNITION .17 WINCHESTER SUPER MAGNUM 15 GRAIN POLYMER TIP LEAD-FREE 500 ROUND, BROWNING BPR 17 Wsm Ammo For Sale 25 GRAIN POLYTIP 500 Rounds, WINCHESTER VARMINT HIGH VELOGITY AMMUNITION 17 WINCHESTER SUPER MAGNUM 20 GRAIN HORNADY V-MAX 500 ROUND, 7 DAYS PROMOTION DEALS. The ballistic performance of the 17 WSM is impressive. Hard chrome bolt with oversized bolt handle Out of stock Foundry Outdoors. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); The best price for savage 17 wsm for sale online. Quite obviously, Winchester is the biggest producer of the .17 WSM, offering three loads: the 20-grain load at 3000 fps, a 25-grain load using the Hornady V-Max bullet at 2600 fps . 17 WSM ammunition is a premium hunting ammunition well-known for its quality and performance. Thats discouraging. We are launching the A17 chambered for 17 WSM in two of our more popular configurations, Treglia added. Since its introduction, .17 WSM ammo has been sold by multiple companies including Browning, Federal (American Eagle), Hornady, and Winchester. A caliber is an excellent option for hunting , target shooting , and self - defence . . More manufacturers are getting into the .17 Winchester Super Magnum game, and the selection of brands and different loads is only likely to get broader and more competitive. Overview. You will not have access to saved addresses or payment. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Case-hardened receiver Hunters can use it to take down deer, elk, moose, and black bear with one shot at ranges of up to 500 yards. The 17 Win Super Mag, the world's fastest rimfire, is now available in semi-auto! The new A17 WSM rifle is available now and will retail for an MSRP of $619 for the Sporter edition or $709 for the Thumbhole version. In Stock . Savage B.Mag Bolt Action Rifle .17 WSM 22" Barrel 8 Rounds Rotary Magazine Synth. MPBR: 186 yards Energy: 375 ft-Ibs This model is built with a 22-inch carbon-steel barrel, complete with a target crown muzzle. .17 Win Super Mag is typically chambered in carbine barrels of 16-inches up to the most common 22-inch rifle barrels. Savage has seen outstanding performance from the 17 WSM cartridge and felt it could be optimized in new platforms,Jessica Treglia, Sr. 17 Winchester Super Magnum is rifle ammunition that was developed to offer an increased level of power and accuracy. You can buy 17 WSM Rifles online with confidence at the best price on our website. Every variety was listed as Out of Stock or Temporarily Unavailable. Brand Manager at Savage Armssaid. They shot five-shot groups of just 0.75 inches at 100 yards with this rifle! vertical target size of 3) You've likely caught wind of the blistering .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) rimfire cartridge it shoots a 20-grain, polymer-tipped projectile at over 3,000 fps that has been making ripples across the shooting community. .17 WSM ammo in 20 gr. This ammo has a muzzle velocity of 3,000 feet per second and muzzle energy of 2,800-foot-pounds. Accutrigger. Designed specifically for the red-hot, flat-shooting 17 Win. The 17 WSM ammo is an ideal choice when it comes to shooting . Barrett MRAD 308. The 17 WSM ammo has a high level of accuracy and consistency when hitting targets at long ranges. So, if you are looking for an extremely accurate 17 WSM rifle, then you should definitely consider the Savage Arms model. including 17 HMR, 22 WMR and even 17 WSM. Savage just announced that it will offer its A17-series rifles chambered in .17 WSM. the WSM can do it with 205 yards (Im polymer-tipped projectile rated at 3,000 Winchester Arms 1885 Low Wall Hunter Single Shot .17 WSM Lever Action Rifle $ OUT OF STOCK. You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing. In Stock: Price Recently Raised $5.00 . Federal AE17WSM1 American Eagle 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 20 GR Varmint Tipped 50 Bx/ 10 Cs. It is versatile ammunition that can be used for long . bullet weight. Even if you could chamber 17 HMR, it should never be fired in any gun designed for 17 Super Mag ammo. This will help keep it in good working condition and ensure that you get the most accuracy out of it. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of This will give you a good idea of which rounds are most effective in various environments. The price is $20.60 per 50 rd. Right now it is very hard to find ANY .17 WSM ammo. 17 WSM Ammo | 17 WSM Ammo for Sale Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Sign In or Register All Deals 8966 Seasonal Promotions Coupons Bonus Bucks Free Express Shipping Mail-in Rebates Clearance Free Gift w/ Purchase Instant Savings On Sale All Deals Demo/Open Box Best Rated New Products Gift Guides Gift Cards Optics Popular Categories Binoculars $64.99 64.99. Another .17-caliber rimfire, the .17 HM2, is also distinctly different from .17 WSM and .17 HMR. This rifle also offers a matte or satin finish stainless steel or carbon steel barrel user . Calibers . OutdoorHub // TheFirearmBlog // AllOutdoor // ActionHub // AgDaily, AllOutdoor All Rights Reserved Carbon Media Group Outdoors, Hard chrome bolt with oversized bolt handle, Delayed-blowback action ensures safe, reliable cycling, Case-hardened receiver and 22-inch button-rifled barrel, First semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the 17 HMR and 17 WSM calibers. Account Gift Certificate balance will not be available. Buy. Introduced to the rimfire world at the 2013 SHOT Show, .17 WSM ammo delivers a velocity of up to 3000 fps or more, translating into a highly effective round for long range varmint and small game hunting or precision target shooting. Condition: New In Box Brand: Winchester Item #: 975254928 Location: KS Trades Accepted: No Aside from target shooting, a 17 Win Super Mag is extremely effective against varmints and predators at or below coyote size, including bobcats, prairie dogs, marmots (rock/woodchucks), tree and ground squirrels, skunks, etc. 1 WSM 25 grain: 2600 FPS: 23BC: 17 WSM Ammo For Sale. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to the Our motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens," Buy Savage 96972 B.MAG Target 17 WSM 8+1 22" Gray Fixed Thumbhole Stock: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 973560034 . If you are looking for a rimfire cartridge that delivers impressive performance, the 17 WSM should be at the top of your list. This is better for high-volume varmint sessions than the standard-contour barrel on the Sporter model ($619 MSRP). The A Series rifles have a delayed blowback design that accommodates this caliber with limited modifications, making it an ideal action for the WSM cartridge. Jessica Treglia, Savage Arms Senior Brand Manager. Select options; CZ 457 American Left-Hand $ 629.00. . The price per round is in the neighborhood of $0.21-0.30 /per round. We have quite literally taken our semi-auto rimfire platform to the next level with this rifle designed specifically for this incredible new cartridge. It is a reliable round that hunters have used since its inception. Caliber/Gauge: .470 Nitro Express. thanks For Shopping With Find 17 WSM Rifles for sale at Omaha Outdoors, the best online firearms and outdoor gear site. The 17 WSM ammo is a popular hunting and target rifle ammunition. You read that correctly - 3000 fps from a rimfire semi-auto. available with a lead-free 15-grain polymer If youre primarily going to be using it for hunting, then youll want to look for a rifle that has good accuracy and stopping power. Almost immediately, the new rimfire caliber gained high praise and popularity among varmint hunters and target shooters alike. pull (measured, as received) Sights: None; Weaver-style bases installed Price: $589 _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-6323545-2']); RUGER 77/17 .17 WSM BA RFL LAM Threaded Barrel . $709.00 MSRP, Gray wood-laminate stock Many shooters have reported consistent sub-MOA groups at 150 yards. 17 WSM Ammo | In Stock 17 WSM Ammunition - AmmoBuy 17 WSM Ammo Hide Reman Hide Steel Shipping: Free to High Modify Search Sorry. This pressure allowed Winchester to launch a .17-cal. So, how do you know which one is right for you? MPBR: 165 yards Energy: 245 ft-lbs. The 17 Super Mag is an excellent coyote gun, within appropriate ranges and with proper shot placement, of course (just like any caliber). 17 WSM, Semi-Automatic, 20", Magpul MOE Stock, OD Green/Black Finish, 12" TML M-LO. Although both are .17-caliber chambers, they are distinctly different and not interchangeable. The .17 WSM chambering will be offered in both a new A17 WSM Sporter and a A17 WSM Target Thumbhole. Please note that all firearm purchases require valid US government issued ID and related firearm paperwork. No doubt the WSM is faster, (20 grain bullet @ 3,000 ft/sec as opposed to 2550 with a 17 grain bullet in the HMR. Each rifle in the Savage Arms A17 WSM lineup operates using a delayed-blowback action and features a chrome bolt complete with an oversized bolt handle. : +1-847-513-6201 AncoraThemes 2023. Browning Ammo B195117050 17WSM 25 Plytip - 50rd Box. Barrel Length: 22 in.

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