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Law Enforcement Officers Training and Equipment Fund Rules (LEOTEF RULES) Section 40:75-49 - Certain acts prohibited; penalties. ", Section 40:33-13.2k - "Tax Base Sharing Option. Section 40:48G-1 - Definitions relative to surcharge on admission charges at certain major places of amusement; authorization, contents of ordinance. You can explore additional available newsletters here. Section 40:69A-43a - Administrative department salaries, Section 40:69A-43.1 - Deputy director of department, Section 40:69A-43.2 - Powers and duties of deputy, Section 40:69A-44 - Department of administration; director; qualifications; powers and duties, Section 40:69A-45 - Preparation of budget, Section 40:69A-46 - Budget submitted to council, Section 40:69A-46.1 - Mayor-council plan deadline, Section 40:69A-47 - System of work programs and quarterly allotments, Section 40:69A-60.2 - Powers and duties of deputies, secretaries and aides, Section 40:69A-60.3 - Municipalities over 300,000; department of administration; assistant business administrator, Section 40:69A-60.4 - Powers and duties of assistant business administrator. Section 40:14B-22.3 - Utilities authority, reduced fees for certain affordable housing projects. Section 40:48-2.12r - Complaints, proceedings against landlord, recovery from tenant. Section 40:55D-24 - Organization of planning board. Section 40:84-2 - First election; when held. Section 40:55D-88.7 - No approval extended, tolled within Dismal Swamp. Section 40:45-19 - Run-off elections; votes necessary for election. Section 40:67-16.5a - Fines for violation of certain truck route ordinances; required signage. Section 40:27-1.1 - Alternate members; appointment; resolution. Morning sessions are held from 9:30am - 1:30pm. Section 40:55D-136.4 - Existing government approval; extension period. Section 40:54-19.1 - Loan of funds received as gift or bequest, Section 40:54-19.2 - Strict compliance with law in making loans required, Section 40:54-19.3 - Investment of funds; regulation of bonds or securities, Section 40:54-19.4 - Custody of securities; report; minutes, Section 40:54-19.5 - Income from investments, Section 40:54-20 - Gifts of works of art; acceptance and maintenance, Section 40:54-21 - Acceptance of conditional gifts generally, Section 40:54-22 - Custodian of gifts; expenditure, Section 40:54-23 - Municipalities may furnish site where buildings are offered; amount, Section 40:54-24 - Purchase of site; title, Section 40:54-25 - Lands and buildings; purchase and alteration; financing; title, Section 40:54-28 - Acquisition of lands by condemnation, Section 40:54-29 - Transfer of books to library. Section 40:12-15.13 - Local arts council. Section 40:55D-156 - Review after five years. Section 40:69A-206 - Charters, amendments and supplements superseded; existing ordinances and resolutions remain in force where not inconsistent, Section 40:69A-207 - Offices abolished on effective date of plan; administrative code, Section 40:69A-207.1 - Local industrial commissions; continuance or reestablishment, Section 40:69A-208 - Appointments between election and time of taking office under optional plan; pending actions and proceedings, Section 40:69A-208.1 - Continuance of charter adopted prior to Jan. 9, 1982 of municipality with mayor-council plan, Section 40:69A-208.2 - Continuance of charter adopted prior to Jan. 9, 1982 of municipality with council-manager plan, Section 40:69A-208.3 - Continuance of charter adopted prior to Jan. 9, 1982 of municipality with small municipality plan, Section 40:70-3 - Municipalities governed hereby, Section 40:71-2 - Clerk to call election; notice, Section 40:71-3 - Ballot; form and content, Section 40:71-4 - Conduct of election; results certified to clerk, Section 40:71-5 - Clerk to certify results; contents of certificate, Section 40:71-6 - Vote required for adoption, Section 40:71-7 - If majority against adoption no petition for certain period, Section 40:71-8 - Corporate existence and name continued, Section 40:71-9 - Elective and appointive officers' terms cease; boards abolished; exception, Section 40:71-9.1 - Boards of fire commissioners in townships, Section 40:71-10 - Inconsistent laws inapplicable; laws relating to municipal courts unaffected, Section 40:71-11 - Educational system unaffected, Section 40:72-1.1 - Municipality with board of three commissioners; additional commissioners; petition, ordinance and referendum, Section 40:72-1.2 - Ballot; form and content, Section 40:72-1.3 - Vote required for adoption; amendment and repeal, Section 40:72-2 - All powers vested in board of commissioners, Section 40:72-3 - General powers; power to pass ordinances for specific purposes, Section 40:72-4 - Department; distribution of powers, Section 40:72-5 - Jurisdiction of commission over departments and officers thereof, Section 40:72-6 - Commissioners assigned to departments, Section 40:72-6.1 - Assignment of departmental powers and duties in counties of first and second class, Section 40:72-7 - Subordinate boards and officers; appointment and removal, Section 40:72-9 - Appointment of deputy by director in second class cities and certain fourth class cities, Section 40:72-10 - Mayor; selection; no veto power, Section 40:72-12 - Director of finance; when to act as mayor, Section 40:72-13 - Regular and special meetings; open to public; minutes, Section 40:72-14 - Quorum; voting; vote recorded in minutes, Section 40:72-16 - Board first elected may revise and add to appropriations, Section 40:72-18 - Use of fees received from water rents, Section 40:72-19 - Power to construct convention halls in cities, Section 40:73-1 - Qualifications sole test for election, appointment, Section 40:73-2 - No officer or employee to be interested in contracts, Section 40:73-3 - No officer or employee to receive free service; exceptions, Section 40:73-4 - Certain acts forbidden; penalties, Section 40:73-5 - Appointments in second-class cities in certain years; restriction, Section 40:73-6 - Salaries of officers and employees; exceptions, Section 40:73-8 - Application of laws relating to municipal boards of recreation commissioners, Section 40:73-9 - Borough under 5000; tax collector or treasurer; waiver of residency requirements, Section 40:74-1 - Certain ordinances and resolutions filed upon passage; ordinance required in certain cases, Section 40:74-2 - Enacting clause; suits for penalties, Section 40:74-3 - Record of ordinances; commissioners to sign record, Section 40:74-4 - Effective date of ordinances; emergency ordinances excepted, Section 40:74-5 - Remonstrance against ordinance; petition; reconsideration; referendum; vote required for adoption, Section 40:74-6 - Petition; law applicable, Section 40:74-7 - Board may submit ordinances of own volition; several questions submitted, Section 40:74-8 - When submission unnecessary, Section 40:74-9 - Ordinances proposed by petition; procedure, Section 40:74-11 - Petition; signatures; verification, Section 40:74-12 - Clerk to examine petition; notice of insufficiency; amendment and refiling, Section 40:74-13 - Clerk to examine amended petition; new petition; submission to board, Section 40:74-14 - Duty of board on submission of ordinance; submission to voters; withdrawal of petition, Section 40:74-15 - Several ordinances submitted together; number of elections limited, Section 40:74-16 - Notice of election when ordinance or proposition submitted to voters, Section 40:74-17 - Ballot; form and content. Section 40:66A-23 - Bonds as legal investments. Section 40:55D-66.13 - Issuance of technical bulletin. Section 40:48C-17 - Exemption of non-profit corporations or associations, Section 40:48C-18 - Liability of employer to only one municipality, Section 40:48C-34 - Ordinances; contents; payment to municipality; use of funds; effective date of imposition of tax, Section 40:48C-35 - Tax as debt of taxpayer; action for collection; limitation of action, Section 40:48C-36 - Issuance of certificate of indebtedness, Section 40:48C-37 - Interest and penalties on unpaid tax, Section 40:48C-38 - Appeal of determination of liability, Section 40:48C-39 - Failure to make report or allow inspection; failure to disclose amount due, Section 40:48C-40 - Copy of ordinance to state officers, Section 40:48C-41 - Tax exemption; religious, charitable or educational institutions or organizations, Section 40:48C-42 - Inapplicability of exemption for parking taxes to certain State entities. ; census: means the latest Federal census effective within this State.See New Jersey Statutes 1:1-2; local unit: means a county or municipality.See New Jersey Statutes 40A:1-1; person: includes corporations, companies, associations, societies, firms, partnerships and joint stock . Section 40:55D-88.3 - Definitions relative to the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area. Section 40:37A-50 - Powers vested in members, quorum; minutes, approval. A Promotion is defined as moving to a higher title as determined by the increase in experience or education needed to perform the job as outlined in the specification. Section 40:41A-145.2 - Interim successor selected by appropriate political party. Burlington, formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory, is an American national off-price department store retailer, and a division of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation with 631 stores . Section 40:56-71.4 - Loan purposes, application, requirements, review. Section 40:48-2.13 - Removal, destruction of brush, weeds, debris, etc. Section 40:8-7 - Annual expenditures; taxation for, Section 40:8-8 - Airport security officers, Section 40:8-11 - Powers of airport security officers, Section 40:8-13 - Traffic laws; enforcement, Section 40:8-14 - Airport security officers; weapons, Section 40:8C-2 - Development of biotechnology, not regulated; nonapplicability of act, Section 40:9-2.1 - Acquisition, improvement, operation and equipment of public transportation passenger or freight rail line, Section 40:9-2.2 - Lease or sale of space and facilities for conduct of carrier's business; contracts for conduct of other commercial activities, Section 40:9-2.3 - Appropriation of funds; bonds or notes, Section 40:9A-1 - Federation of city-county libraries, Section 40:9A-3 - Interlibrary loan services; free use by residents. Section 40:55D-13 - Notice concerning master plan. Section 40:54-15 - Annual report, identification of excess funds to municipality, transfer procedure. Section 40:48C-14 - Definitions; employer; payroll. Section 40:41A-35.1 - Filling of vacancy, interim selection pending election of successor. Section 40:56-33 - Assessment as continuous lien; informalities not to invalidate proceedings. Section 40:55D-46.2 - Application to collocate wireless communications equipment; terms defined. Section 40:10-11 - County, municipal appropriations for veterans' memorials, Section 40:10A-4 - Local historian; establishment of position by local government; reimbursement of expenses; appointment; term, Section 40:10A-5 - Vesting duties and responsibilities of local historian in chairperson of county cultural and heritage commission, Section 40:10A-6 - Local historian of county; assistance to municipalities, Section 40:10A-7 - Powers and responsibilities of local historian; annual report, Section 40:10A-8 - Employment of clerical assistants, Section 40:10B-2 - Legislative findings and declarations, Section 40:10B-3 - Historic cemeteries; restoration, maintenance or preservation by county or municipality; appropriations. Section 40:54-29.10 - Joint library trustees, Section 40:54-29.11 - Termination of boards of trustees of free public libraries of participating municipalities; assets and obligations, Section 40:54-29.12 - Board of trustees as body corporate; name, Section 40:54-29.13a - Joint free public library administrators, duties. shooting in linden, nj last night; June 22, 2022. columbia association hoa rules. Section 40:48-2.12p - Ordinance holding landlords to standards of responsibility. Section 40:14A-36 - Jurisdiction, rights of State agencies unaffected. Section 40:62-3 - Ordinance authorizing sale or lease; laws governing. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. Section 40:55D-11 - Contents of notice of hearing on application for development or adoption of master plan. Section 40:62-135.1 - Residency requirements for employees of commission operating certain water system. within grounds of certain camp meeting associations. Title 40A. Section 40:67-16.6 - Limiting use of streets to certain classes of vehicles, Section 40:67-16.7 - Temporary closing of streets for ingress and egress to school or for provision of recreational facilities, Section 40:67-16.8 - Approval of regulation by director of division of motor vehicles, Section 40:67-16.9 - Closing of street for preservation of public safety, health or welfare; authorization by governing body by ordinance; regulations, Section 40:67-16.10 - Ordinances and regulations; approval, Section 40:67-17 - Statues and memorials erected upon public streets, Section 40:67-18 - Spanish American war monuments; municipal contribution, Section 40:67-19 - Vacation of streets and places dedicated but not accepted; ordinance; notice and hearing, Section 40:67-20 - Abandonment of plans to open or widen streets; disposition of lands, Section 40:67-21 - Vacation of streets and places; recording; copy as evidence, Section 40:67-22 - Vacation of streets and public places between March 11, 1920, and March 11, 1922; recording; copy as evidence, Section 40:67-22.1 - Payment for vacating street, Section 40:67-23 - Return of taxes paid on certain streets, Section 40:67-23.1 - Road, street services, Section 40:67-23.3 - Municipality to reimburse private community for services or provide services, Section 40:67-23.4 - Private community to pay insurance riders, Section 40:67-23.5 - Use of municipal reimbursement to pay for services, Section 40:67-23.6 - Schedule for reimbursement for portion of cost, Section 40:67-23.7 - Acceptance for public use if conforms to municipal specifications, Section 40:67-23.8 - Additional services; repeal of ordinance; prior agreements to remain in effect, Section 40:67-26 - Passage of ordinances; subsequent proceedings by resolution; supervision by county, Section 40:67-27 - Contract with county; advertisement for bids unnecessary, Section 40:67-28 - Assessment for benefits; bonds and improvement certificates, Section 40:67-29 - Highways may be connected by tunnels; approaches, Section 40:67-31 - Location of tunnel and approaches; right of entry upon lands, Section 40:67-32 - Acquisition of necessary land; damages to land compensated, Section 40:67-33 - Contract with landowners to build tunnel; contribution by; streets vacated, Section 40:67-34 - Statement of cost and damages filed, Section 40:67-35 - Tunnel considered general improvement, Section 40:67-47 - Release or extinction of public right in canal or canal bed not used for twenty years, Section 40:67-48 - Filing copy of ordinance; evidence, Section 40:68-1 - Acquisition of land; reclamation and improvement of land, Section 40:68-2 - Contracts; plans, specifications, advertisement and bids, Section 40:68-3 - Lease of improvements; terms; lessee's bond; use of improvement by others, Section 40:68-4 - Ordinances relating to water fronts, Section 40:68-5 - Acquisition of railroads and equipment connecting with water front improvements, Section 40:68-6 - Operation of railroad by municipality; lease to corporation, Section 40:68-7 - Income from improvements and railway; use of; annual deficits, Section 40:68-8 - Funds for supervision and control of improvements and ferries, Section 40:68-9 - Officers, agents and employees, Section 40:68-10 - Annual report; contents; filing, Section 40:68-11 - Powers conferred deemed additional, Section 40:68-12 - Private wharves or other improvements; license for construction; application; procedure, Section 40:68-13 - Failure to obtain license; effect; penalty; duration of license, Section 40:68-14 - Removal of obstruction from wharves; procedure on failure of owner, Section 40:68-15 - Persons aggrieved may petition court; procedure, Section 40:68-16 - Municipal appropriation to assist federal government in protecting water front, Section 40:68-17 - "Port authority" defined, Section 40:68-18 - "Marine terminal" defined, Section 40:68-20 - Powers appurtenant to establishment and maintenance of marine terminals, Section 40:68-21 - Use of income; issuance of bonds and other obligations, Section 40:68-22 - Local harbor and water front commission; creation; members; appointment; term, Section 40:68-24 - Governing body approval required, Section 40:68-25 - Dedicated revenues; applicability of section 40:2-18, Section 40:68-27 - Establishment of district; ordinance; special election, Section 40:68-28 - Beach erosion control commission; establishment, Section 40:68-29 - Election of commissioners; term, Section 40:68-30 - Vacancies; special election; term, Section 40:68-31 - Petition for nomination, Section 40:68-32 - Verification of petition, Section 40:68-34 - Ballots; form and content; advertisement of election, Section 40:68-35 - Judge of election; teller; compensation, Section 40:68-36 - Registry list; persons entitled to vote, Section 40:68-37 - Polls; hours open; record of persons voting, Section 40:68-38 - Counting of votes; certification of results; forwarding to municipal clerk; announcement of results, Section 40:68-39 - Oaths; meeting; election of officers; acts of majority, Section 40:68-41 - Entry upon lands or waters to make surveys, borings, sounding and examinations; condemnation; compensation, Section 40:68-42 - Bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness; issuance; limitation, Section 40:68-44 - Issuance of notes, bonds or other evidence of indebtedness according to Local Bond Law; purchase of bonds by municipality, Section 40:68-45 - Appropriation of moneys; loans or donations to district, Section 40:68-47 - Payment of moneys to district treasurer, Section 40:68-50 - Dissolution of district; debts and obligations; property; resolution as evidence, Section 40:68-52 - Removal of district members; grounds; hearing, Section 40:68A-2 - Declaration of public interest and policy of state, Section 40:68A-4 - Port authority; creation by municipalities; membership, filing of ordinances and resolutions, Section 40:68A-5 - Members of port authority; powers; terms; expenses; officers, agents and authorities; civil service, Section 40:68A-6 - Acquisition of property, Section 40:68A-7 - Port authority as political subdivision; powers, Section 40:68A-7.1 - Audit of accounts of port authority annually; filing, Section 40:68A-7.2 - Certified copies of bond resolutions and bond proceedings; filing, Section 40:68A-9 - Appropriations by local units, Section 40:68A-11 - Interim certificates; temporary bonds or other instruments, Section 40:68A-12 - Notice as to time for bringing actions questioning validity, Section 40:68A-13 - Negotiability of bonds or obligations, Section 40:68A-14 - Provisions of bond resolutions, Section 40:68A-15 - Default in payment of bonds; trustees; appointment; powers; receiver, Section 40:68A-16 - Personal liability on bonds; not debt or liability of state or local unit, Section 40:68A-17 - Real property; acquisition; condemnation, Section 40:68A-18 - Service charge with regard to real property; interest; lien; enforcement; collection, Section 40:68A-19 - Sale, lease, loan, grant or conveyance to port authority; permit, Section 40:68A-20 - Public bodies to pay service charges, Section 40:68A-21 - Mortgage, pledge or disposal of port facilities; exemptions, Section 40:68A-22 - Bonds as legal investments, Section 40:68A-23 - Property as public property; bonds declared issued by political subdivision; bonds exempt from taxation, Section 40:68A-24 - Pledge of State to bondholders, Section 40:68A-25 - Banks authorized to give undertaking; deposits, Section 40:68A-26 - Competitive activities, Section 40:68A-27 - Liberal construction; regulation of port authorities, Section 40:68A-30 - Declaration of public interest and policy, Section 40:68A-32 - Municipal port authority; creation by municipalities; membership; terms; vacancies, Section 40:68A-33 - Officers, agents and employees; civil service, Section 40:68A-34 - Powers vested in members; quorum, Section 40:68A-35 - Reimbursement for expenses; compensation for services, Section 40:68A-36 - Interest of members, officers or employees in property or contracts, Section 40:68A-38 - Dissolution of municipal port authority; vesting of property in municipality, Section 40:68A-39 - Purpose of municipal port authority, Section 40:68A-40 - Municipal port authority as political subdivision; powers, Section 40:68A-42 - Schedule of facility charges, Section 40:68A-43 - Powers of municipalities; finances; ordinance.

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